EDN Outreach Assist™

EDN Outreach Assist™ (EDN Architect™ Services)

Collecting Critical Mass for your New Venture Ecosystem

For the expected big-bang of VentureStacked™ productivity there needs to be a critical mass of both stakeholders and entrepreneurs engaged in the new way of doing things.  With Outreach Assist we take an active role helping to identify not only key stakeholders, but jumpstart resources such as an community entrepreneur/innovator index.

Many would-be entrepreneurs and innovators will not participate unless the ecosystem has the look and feel of an active, well populated and vibrant community of people similar to themselves.  The outreach required to get this in place is extensive.

Stakeholders have their own set of responsibilities, so we help with the outreach as needed.  We take a hands-on approach engaging key innovation and entrepreneurship leaders, and recruiting and persuading and rewarding productive participation of budding innovators and entrepreneurs, and fostering a program where cooperation is rewarded for all within the innovation / entrepreneurship community, and where participation by the community is natural and endemic.

This is also a recruiting process that is often better facilitated by an outside party for objectivity, procedural consistency, and to free up your internal EDN resources for reaching transformation objectives.

EDN Outreach Assist™