Making New-Ventures Into Your Community's Champions on the World Stage
What_is_it Disruptive growth strategies for new-venture ecosystems, based on delivering what entrepreneur's really need (beyond mere mixer events). Fast-tracking / Streamlining / optimizing common tasks and reducing ancillary tasks for local ventures.
Benefits Stakeholder Cooperation and Cohesiveness., which in turn maximizes entrepreneur efficiency, empowerment, and "venture fluence" in terms of the number of well-executing new-ventures per year. Empowerment and better focus on development and core execution tasks vital and unique to each venture.
Primary_Beneficiary New-Venture Ecosystem Stakeholders Innovators, Developers, and Entrepreneurs
Secondary_Beneficiary Innovators, Developers, and Entrepreneurs New-Venture Ecosystem Stakeholders
Implemented_By New-Venture Ecosystem Stakeholders New-Venture Ecosystem Stakeholders


Integration stool-s  Creating Economies of Scale for New-Ventures

VenturePipelining™ is a subset of VentureStacking™ (a multi-strategic methodology to increase new-venture quantity and quality).  In short it leverages economies of scale for new-venture development.

Why? Bring Home the Gold.

New ventures will successfully compete on the global scale only when the community from where it originate shifts it's priorities away from "what is profitable now" to "what will be profitable tomorrow". Communities must think cohesively about ventures being first in line.

  1. first in line, among businesses, to get assistance in terms of manpower, equipment, mentoring, from the community ... academia, local businesses, and local government and authorities
  2. first in line among clients to get services and orders filled from local businesses and service providers
  3. first in line to make business connections necessary to leverage the best talents in the community

It's requires a paradigm shift where a community's ventures don't compete against each other.  Rather they compete against ventures in the rest of the world, with the community as their sponsors.  When they win on the world stage, the community wins as well.  It needs to think of new-ventures as their fledgling champions (in the rough) on the world stage.

  • New ventures must not be a profit-center for anyone in the business or academic community.  They are purely an investment, for the whole community.  You don't charge your team's athletes ... and your ventures are your community-team's athletes, bringing home gold from the world to grow your community.  Avoid making money on early-stage ventures ... not until after they're mature enough to be profitable (usually after 2-4 years).
  • Providing a pipeline of common services, at cost, or even subsidized so they can focus on the execution of their actual service or product.
  • Partners providing incentives for other assisting partners, such as promotion, advertizing, subsidization, future contract opportunities, venture stakeholding (convertible notes), IP licensing / co-ownership.

 Pipeline Streamlining

The streamlined aspect of pipelining involves the development of a collection of high-quality at-cost (and below cost) products and services for qualifying ventures. Furthermore these resources must be well known and well understood by entrepreneurs in the community.  They may include:

  • IP Protection (local produced, see also QuickDibs™ as a facilitator)
  • social media production
  • product design / rendering / product digital media assistance
  • branding / marketing / digital print and video
  • pitching assistance
  • basic web building / hosting / front-end / back-end assistance
  • customer interview services, surveys
  • market research / analysis / competititve analysis
  • a/b testing, adwords testing
  • Recruitment for "right-size" teams, skills, and cofounding, and reciprocol assistance
  • New-venture studio/foundry services (programming, engineering, etc)
  • Funding guidance (exploring all options)
  • Expert crowdfunding assistance
  • Equity split and other Venture Team management tools (eg. Slicing Pie)
  • Legal services (Equity splits, C-Corp, LLC, etc)
  • Milestone planning and assistance (see also SynerStone™)
  • Training and mentoring for "shortest-path" success (this is critical)
  • Networking opportunities and assistance, local-business integration / partnering assistance
  • maker services and guidance for proof-of-concept / prototyping / MVP, as necessary (see ShortestPath™)
  • office space
  • event participation, planning