VentureStacking™, aka."Try Everything"*

Transforming Ecosystems into Vast Portfolios of New Ventures
What_is_it Disruptive growth strategies for new-venture ecosystems, based on delivering what entrepreneur's really need (beyond informational services, competitions, & mixers). Streamlining / optimizing common tasks and reducing ancillary tasks for local ventures.
Benefits Stakeholder cooperation and cohesiveness., which in turn maximizes entrepreneur efficiency, empowerment, and new-venture activity. Empowerment and better focus on development and core execution tasks vital and unique to each venture.
Primary_Beneficiary Entrepreneurism Ecosystem Stakeholders Innovators, Developers, and Entrepreneurs
Secondary_Beneficiary Innovators, Developers, and Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurism Ecosystem Stakeholders
Implemented_By Entrepreneurism Ecosystem Stakeholders Entrepreneurism Ecosystem Stakeholders

 The VentureStacking™ Paradigm

VentureStacking™ is a cooperative early-stage-facilitation effort by all stakeholders in a community's new-venture ecosystem to stack the portfolio of promising ventures and active participating talent within the ecosystem to a level far greater than possible with conventional methods.

It is designed to help dedicate specific well-defined community resources  to assist with new-venture development at the early-stages, for the purposes of increasing prolific high-value participation, the quantity of ventures, and ultimately improve the quality and talent within the ventures that move on to maturity.


"A venture's value is not known until tested so the most guaranteed way to increase wins makes every person & idea part of a cohesive build-measure-learn laboratory."

Compared to VentureStacking™ the conventional approach is venture-constricting, since most ideas are prematurely killed before they can be adequately tested. In contrast the venture-stacked ecosystem thrives via participation, hedges it's bets for success, and venture-empowerment makes it easier to facilitate success than the conventional venture-constricted ecosystem.

 Top 10 VentureStacking™ Strategies:

  1. Prioritizes immediate needs of entrepreneurs first, and needs of the ecosystem stakeholders second.
  2. Makes the navigation of community resources as cohesive and as simple as possible.
  3. Enthusiastically integrates new talent and stakeholder involvement as it becomes available.
  4. Values entrepreneurial contribution more than entrepreneurial pedigree.
  5. Helps new ventures focus on their mission via VenturePipelining™.
  6. Shifts a portion of investment to a pipelined system to help jump-start many more ventures.
  7. Discourages the counter-intuitive (and counter-productive) treatment of new ventures as profit centers, but as an investment for the community.
  8. Encourages investment strategies based more on a team's execution and 3Re performance than their fundraising mojo.
  9. Drives new-venture activity by treating innovation as fragile, and innovators as valuable components of the new venture ecosystem.
  10. Prevents the #1 fail mechanism for well-funded ventures: too much money too early on. Also prevents "good money after bad" practices.

MYTH: "We Don't Have The Resources To 'Try Everything' "

FACT: You have 100,000+ community members to engage. We'll Help.

 VentureStacking™ Benefits

The VentureStacking™ paradigm involves a number initiatives that have the following benefits:

  • A Transformative Evolution in the Collaboration of Academia, Local Businesses, and Community Innovators and Entrepreneurs
  • Rewarding and Empowering Cohesiveness and Cooperation for the leaders of this transformation
  • Autonomic Ecosystem, where everyone feels empowered
  • Optimal bootstrapping (utilization of resources) within a community for more community sense of  ownership
  • Prevent lost opportunities caused by premature entrepreneur discouragement.
  • Prevent loss of great talent by adopting a more community-laboratory approach.
  • Explosive Community Involvement
  • Explosive Increase in Innovation by maximizing involvement
  • VenturePipelining™ - a game-changer in it's own right
  • Help investors bet on the right horse by helping many more promising ventures adequately mature prior stop-gate decisions

IP Engage™ offers the following tools services to aid in this transformation:

Product Type
EDN Architect™ Democratizing Wizard / Tool Guided method for developing the Master Plan for your New-Venture Ecosystem, and the Entreprenerism Development Network (EDN) required to make it happen. Guided VentureStacking™ Planning, Guided VenturePipelining™ Planning, Democratizing 3rd Party Hosting for your New-Venture Master Plan.
EDN Transformation Event / Workshop Introduction and workshop orientation of key concepts, expected benefits, and transformation process objectives, for key stakeholders within the community's new-venture ecosystem
  • Gets everyone on the same page
  • Resolves concerns
  • Gets the transformation process started
EDN Delphi Analysis Analytical Service Indepth unbaised, objective, and safe analysis of a communities key assets, concerns, and individual objectives. Usually the first step in the entire process (before Transformation, Outreach, or EDN Architecture).
  • A Bias-free Concerns / Needs Assessment
  • Optimizes Asset Utilization
  • Preemptively Assures & Energizes
EDN Outreach Assist Intra-community Outreach Assistance Assistance in reaching out to stakeholders to participate and energize the transformed ecosystem.
  • Increases community participation & empowerment
  • Enables stakeholders to focus on key strengths
  • Raise Necessary Funds
  • VenturePipeline™ Development assistance
EDNA Engage! Academic Integration Assistance Fully integrate local academia into the New-Venture Ecosystem, by kicking off a number of synergistic initiatives. Transformational evolution in entrepreneurism synergy.
3Re Customer-Centricity™ Idea Validation Tool A wizard that helps innovators & entrepreneurs prove out their idea to qualify for special EDN assistance.
  • Make qualified investment choices
  • Customer Centricity
  • Faster Pivoting
  • Best-practices discipline
QuickDibs™ IP IP Registration Tool The fastest, cheapest, and most intuitive way for community laypeople to lay claim on their ideas.
  • Promote IP Discourse
  • Decouple Innovation from liquid wealth
  • Early Idea Protection
  • Facilitate Additive-IP strategies
SynerStone™ Milestone Assistance Service Synergistic 3rd-Party-Entrepreneur-Assisted Milestone Management for Improved Performance and Funding Qualification
  • Better Milestones
  • Right-sized Investing
  • Better Accountability
  • Vastly Improved Team-Investor Dynamics
ShortestPath™ Per New-Venture Strategy Optimization A recommended flow that ventures should follow to reach their most critical objectives as efficiently as possible.
  • Less Waste by New-vNntures
  • Quicker Success Cycle Time

* NOTE: "Try" as in "Try Everything" means merely to "test", or give each thing it's just due, which in many cases is simply a disciplined mental exercise designed to help new-ventures pivot quickly and seamlessly to a customer-centric approach.  It employs a customer-centricity where consumers decide, instead of the approach in which key stakeholders presume the position of "customer".