SynerStone™ Milestone Management

Synergistic 3rd-Party-Entrepreneur-Assisted Milestone Management for Improved Performance and Funding Qualification

Milestone funding (aka tranche funding) is an important part of a large venture-portfolio strategy.  This is because since more teams are used, the overall experience level is a lower percentage than when the experience is focused an a small number of expert teams, milestone funding helps with guidance and keeps execution in check.

Additionally it helps with VenturePipelining™ where the focus is on validation, execution, and finding customers, instead of venture-ancillary tasks / costs.  This is because well-designed milestones help focus on the right things.  Milestone funding however has traditionally not been without it's challenges.

SynerStone™ Milestone Management addresses all of the challenges normally found in milestone funding:

  • Better Milestones
    • execution-based milestones at the beginning, performance-based as things mature
    • ensures things are done in a best-practices order and method
    • Better definitions, as most milestone failure experiences are attributed to poor milestone definition
  • Execution against milestones are measured through SynerStone™, not through the investment group
  • Weekly (or as needed) milestone meetings with the venture team, investors given full weekly report by SynerStone™
  • Keep investor relationship with the venture professional and measured
  • Allows venture team to focus on execution & performance, not on educating and explaining technical challenges to concerned investors (as we take on that role instead)
  • Experienced Entrepreneurs at SynerStone™ provide early identification of trouble points and possible pivots.
  • Investors can provide shadow leadership through us that is more inviting than the heavy handedness of a financier
  • Experienced Venture Teams working with us as fellow entrepreneurs mitigates any shame they might otherwise feel being put upon by having a Milestone funding arrangement in place.  We're there in a earned position to help them with milestone management ... not as a non-technical investor to micromanage or distrust.
  • Insitu arbitration provided as needed.