EDN Delphi Analysis™

EDN Delphi Analysis (EDN Architect™ Services)

We perform a delphi analysis of your Entrepreneurism Development Network (EDN) Ecosystem, and make recommendations with respect to EDN Architect™

  1. We do an unbiased assessment as possible of as much existing resources (human, organizational, and otherwise) and leadership, influencers, and other stakeholders as possible, as well as capabilities and commitment level of each.
  2. We compare assets with that of the ideal thriving new-venture ecosystem,
  3. We identify needs from the comparison and need prioritization.

The results of the analysis should be used by the community to create immediate tasks and a backlog as needed, with a well defined scope for each, and to get wide buy-in from the community entrepreneurism development network leadership and influencers. This can be a process that takes time, but is facilitated by EDN Transformation™ and EDN Outreach-Assist™ services.

Additional periodic follow-up Delphi Analyses may be administered, either by us, or internally to help balance needs with resources, and to make adjustments as needed.

EDN Delphi Analysis™