3-Re Customer Centricity™

3-Re Customer-Centricity™ Analysis Tool™

Accurately & Easily Identify Pivot Opportunities


In the "Try Everything" paradigm it's imperative that customer response is identified early as possible so pivots are quick, intuitive, and painless.  The 3-Re analysis accelerates this process, frequently making "trying" something a mere mental exercise what conventionally was a great expenditure of effort, cost, and other resources.

stool-3r-sThe 3 Legged Stool of Customer Centricity

  1. Reward >> Risk (eg. profitability)
  2. Readiness, or Ripeness (timing with respect to the market, and technological capability)
  3. Remarkability to the customer (enough to convert)

The 3Re Tool

The 3Re Customer-Centricity Analysis Tool is an online tool that should be sponsored and promoted by every new venture ecosystem, which tool can be branded for each specific community or local ecosystem.

  • Helps teams focus on needed validation
  • These are the items that should be measured in Eric Ries' Lean Startup cycle: Build-Measure-Learn
  • Avoid unnecessary pain asap (it can even short circuit an expensive MVP when it's unnecessary)
  • Applied at all venture stages, from inception to each possible stage gate

This tool is key to a VentureStacked™ ecosystem so that it's most valuable resources (mainly people) are best utilized, treating the community itself as a sort of new-ventures lab (aka startup studio, product hatchery, etc).

3-Re Customer Centricity™