EDN Architect™

  EDN Architect(tm)

Architect Your New-Venture Ecosystem

 Architect Your New-Ventures Ecosystem

Ideally your New-Venture Ecosystem (aka. Entrepreneurism Development Network, abbreviated EDN) is where all new-ventures are nurtured, and in most cases communities already have such a network comprising a random collection of services intended to nurture entrepreneurship in the community.

EDN Architect™ is a flexible master-plan wizard of all the components of an ideal community's Entrepreneurism Development Network (EDN), hosted here on a 3rd party cloud so all stakeholders can have an equal say on how they are to be implemented (who manages each component, stakeholder partnering opportunities).



  • Within the template points of contact are assigned to essential functions of a new-venture ecosystem, divvied out among stakeholders, and channels defined where stakeholder partnership opportunities can be leveraged.
  • Multiple points of contact can be specified for functions.
  • Each defined point of contact encourages "entrepreneur first" oriented initiatives (such as collaboration, events, relationship building, new growth opportunities) related to the function to which they are assigned.
  • Eliminates the duplication or competition of certain new-venture resources that should be combined into one (for optimal entrepreneur engagement). It defines who manages the community's:
    • Entrepreneur directory
    • Resource directory
    • EDN Event management (hackathons, Meetups, speaking engagements, specific community initiatives)
    • Entrepreneur Engagement
      • Venture team-recruitement / building
    • Cross-organization Collaboration
      • Collaboration Engagement Initiatives
      • Academic Institutions (EDNA - Fostering RealWorld Experiential Venture Education)
      • Local businesses and industry initiatives
      • Community individuals and startups
    • New-Venture Systematization, best practices (VenturePipelining™)
  • Various Entrepreneurial Component Services (see Define Your EDN Services, below) are left open to non-stakeholders who wish to meet those needs, but stakeholders may be assigned to facilitate each component.  Again, see Define Your EDN Services, below.
  • Provides a 3rd party administered feedback and delphi-method mechanism whereby the best service to the entrepreneurial community can be optimized and assured.
  • Everybody wins synergy ... defines enough work for each stakeholder in a way that entrepreneurs get the best single-point-of-service assistance.
  • Encourages stakeholders to link to one another and mirror content to provide the community with the most cohesive experience possible.
  • Provides a unbaised common ground from which negotiating and stakeholder-managed arbitration (if necessary) can take place.
  • The #1 intent is to provide the best experience for innovators, entrepreneurs and developers.  When their needs are considered paramount, everyone wins.

So You Think Your Existing Master Plan is Good Enough?

 Helps communities:

  1. Optimize all the critical components of the ideal entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  2. Assess as much existing resources (human, organizational, and
    otherwise) and stakeholders as possible, as well as capabilities and commitment level of each.
  3. Identify needs to fit the ideal entrepreneurial ecosystem (see #1), current status, their priority, their scope, and get universal buy-in. This can be a process that takes time. Create immediate tasks and a backlog as needed.
  4. Balance needs with resources, and make adjustments as needed.

  Foster Efficiency for Your Ecosystem's New-Venture Services

We strongly recommend ecosystems provide real assistance with the needs new-ventures have, not just be an information resource with various contests and vaguely effective networking events. So within EDN Architect initiatives for the following can be defined, as well as contact points, and partnership opportunities for cohesive engagement for each so new stakeholders can instantly engage.  With respect to VentureStacking™, as many of the following resources should be pipelined (VenturePipelining™) and made as cheap (and free where possible) as possible.   As such EDN Architect™ helps ecosystems provide or at least foster the most efficient delivery of the following essential services per venture:

  • IP Protection guidance and/or assistance (see also QuickDibs™)
  • pitching opportunities (example: weekly pitching opportunities, for example to chamber of commerce)
  • social media production
  • design / rendering / digital media assistance
  • basic web building / hosting
  • customer interviews, surveys
  • market research
  • competetive analysis
  • ab testing
  • "right-size" team, skills, and co-founder recruiting
  • funding guidance
  • Equity Splits Mangement and other Venture Team management services / products
  • legal services (C-Corp, LLC, etc)
  • Synerstone™ management
  • training and mentorship for "shortest-path" success
  • maker and guidance services for proof-of-concept / prototyping / MVP, as necessary
  • office space
  • cooperative local-business partnering
  • expert crowdfunding guidance
  • event participation, planning