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Liberate Ideas and Those Afraid to Share Them

woody-ideaFostering Idea-Discourse

VentureStacked™ ecosystems embody the "Try Everything" approach. This involves massive IP discourse, requiring that IP protection should be very cheap, and very easily administered.  Why?

  • Idea discourse, above all else, incubates new-ventures
  • Innovation is fragile!  Way too fragile to let idea-destructives (threat of IP loss, unwarranted discouragement, etc) cut them short.
  • The #1 obstacle to idea discourse is fear that IP might be stolen.
  • For each venture there are usually 100x ideas with greater potential, held quietly, within the same community, never seeing the light of day.


QuickDibs™ Patent Pending (for communities only) at drastically reduced rates

logo-qd-sThe QuickDibs™ system bring the costs of pending early-stage IP protection (via PPA, the provisional patent-application) down by a factor of 10 (if not 100) per idea (and much lower if recommended subsidies are implemented), while keeping the USPTO protective value of a patent pending unchanged.  In fact the QuickDibs™ system is itself patent pending.

How is this possible?  I thought USPTO rates were fixed?

They are fixed.  However, over the last 25 years (since the USPTO introduced PPAs) overwhelming legal precedent has accumulated for combining disparate ideas united as part of single-minded purpose of invention within a single PPA.  The disparate inventions are later broken out within subsequent NPA fillings in which specific PPA content is made legally binding.  In the general case PPA's have aggregated inventions under the purpose identified for an individual or an organization.  In the case of communities the purpose of each PPA is the incubation of generalized new-venture activity which is unique at that moment with special advantages to the community, including that it must improve the human condition.  Ownership and privileges for each innovation within the aggregate PPA remains exclusive to each inventor, as facilitated by a legally binding "Keep Claim" agreement (see flowchart, below).

Inventors must file an independent NPA within 1 year for their claims to be legally binding, as is standard with all PPA filings.


  • cheap enough to facilitate discourse at the earliest stages
  • facilitates the enlistment of assistance for subsequent development
  • empowers and provides a symbolic charter for the originator
  • mitigates damage done by idea-destructives
  • immediate idea protection (public disclosure method, if desired)
  • intuitive idea protection for the layman
  • each PPA is united as a system of innovation specific to the community for the betterment of the human condition
  • A proprietary "Keep Claim" document protects inventors from each other while sharing an aggregrate PPA.
  • Automated administration keeps costs low
  • Facilitates Additive IP protection, for unlimited subsequent additions leading up to the NPA patent filing (within 1 year of the first PPA)

The following proprietary process flow is one among many which make the QuickDibs™ system work:

QuickDibs™ User Process Flow (note this process is Patent Pending)
QuickDibs™ User Process Flow (note this process is Patent Pending)


QuickDibs™ IP