About IP Engage

Crank up new-venture activity to an insane flow rate.

What is IP Engage?

Great minds do not think alike - and we're rethinking new-venture ecosystems in a whole new way, with a number of powerful disruptively powerful paradigms, initiatives, and tools for communities to leverage.

Also, we're more than just a transformational consultant for budding Entrepreneur/ Development Network Ecosystems. We're a hands-on organization that wants our clients to experience an insane amount of successful innovation and entrepreneurship.

Why IP Engage?

IP Engage evolved out of the analysis of many different existing ecosystems intended to foster entrepreneurial and development activities at the community level. From that research effort IP Engage provides disruptive products and services to discover, validate, and profitize IP through a process of full community engagement called VentureStacking™ and VenturePipelining™.


A methodology designed to directly help stakeholders of entrepreneurial ecosystems maximize the number of ventures in their community.
Part of the VentureStacking™ paradigm, pipelining startup services directly helps entrepreneurs deliver: (1) the required execution unique to their venture, and (2) customer acquisition.

It also hedges success by making community investment choices much better informed.


Our clients are breaking past staid and venture-strangulating concepts like "only execution matters", "venture weeding", "pay to play", and "empire building".  Our venture-affluence and pipelining approach transforms a community's ventures into champions on the world stage.